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Do you feel unsettled in your life?
Do you want to have more meaning in your life?
Are you unsure about what's next for you?....

Magic Happens™ believes that learning, and practicing core emotional competencies can reduce stress related disorders; and that from a place of self-awareness,....

When we plant a seed, it takes a while to see the physical plant. Yet the seed is ground under ground. This is the idea about the invisible vs visible....
Our Programs
Co-Active Coaching Co-Active Coaching
Invisible vs Visible Invisible vs Visible
Magic Happens Magic Happens
Parent and Child Coaching Parent and Child Coaching
Power of Purpose Power of Purpose
Self Directed Teams Self Directed Teams
Youth Leadership Training Youth Leadership Training

Release the souls essence coaching and consulting is an organization that is equipped in providing personal co-active coaching to individual clients.

How satisfied are you with your life? Health? Relationships? Work? What about creativity? Are your dreams pushed aside? What ignites your passion? What would be different in your life if you had someone whose sole purpose was to give you undivided attention and support for change?

Release the souls essence is the place for you. We will give you the attention and support you are looking for. We believe in you because we know that you're naturally, creative, resourceful and whole. Lets build a relationship that will empower, support, and move forward to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Co-active coaching, the new standard in personal growth, provides this structured support. Coaching focuses on the enhancement of presence, balance and conscious movement in your life! Coaching acknowledge where you are now, what you want, and how to get from here to there.

There is an excitement in co-active partnership coaching. When a coach asks powerful questions, actively listens to the client's story there is an evolution of new attitudes and behaviours. It empowers the client rather than informing and giving advise.

There are benefits experienced in the coaching, mentoring and partnership. Clients have a sense of deeper self-awareness, self-discovery and self-empowerment. Improved communication and relationships, healthier balance between personal and professional development and accelerated ability to set and achieve tangible goals. Added to the above there is a sense of fulfillment and gratification!!

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