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I am a certified co- active coach, who holds a spacious, courageous space for clients to learn and grow.

 The client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole
 I will address the client's whole life
 The agenda comes from the client
 The relationship is a designed alliance

The Relationship between the coach and client

  When I am in partnership with clients, we create a powerful space for learning and growing. As a coach I have permission, and the responsibility, to redesign and rebuild our journey so that it always serves the client needs.
   The client let's the coach knows what works and what doesn't work. If a question is asked of the client and its not connecting with the client, the client can ask to rephrase the question. Clients can push me {the coach} as hard as they I push them {the client}. We lean on each other for optimum results.
   The relationship is built on mutual trust. I will accept the client to keep all agreement, and if it cannot be kept, make sure other arrangements are made. You can trust your coach to keep your confidence, to hold you magnificent and powerful, and to call your bluffs even when you can't see them yourself.
   The coach can trust you, as well, to be accountable for your promises, and to be willing to learn- willing to change. Clients must come to coaching session with a specific issue for coaching and you are willing to be open to look at things differently. The ability to let go and use your imagination is an amazing tool. The coach knows you are willing to stretch to your optimum ability.

Tools the coach may use

   At times you coach will use terminology or unfamiliar words. For example, the coach may say your gremlin or critic or the voice in your head. It just means the voice wants to maintain a status quo. Change is very scary to the voice, critic, or gremlin and it wants to protect you from harm. The gremlin has a favorite language and your coach will challenge you to become aware of the messages it constantly sends you and to question its validity. Your may want to read a Book "Taming Your Gremlin By Richard Carlson"
   The coach may intrude on you in the middle of a wonderful discourse on the doings of your day. The coach is aware these ramblings could be a cover up for what you really need to be focusing on. Time is limited and the coach may ask you to bottom line you're taught or story, to forward the action and deepen the learning.
   Interestingly, most of your learning will happen outside of the appointment. As your coach I will challenge you, make request of you and give you inquiry to think about. A challenge is usually a task to complete that leads to your goal. An inquiry is a question for you to ponder deeply. There is great learning in both a challenge and an inquiry, so take them seriously.
   The "Circle of Life" is a simple and fun coaching assessment tool. Directions: The eight section in the Circle of Life represent balance. Rank your level of satisfaction with each life area on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest and on the perimeter of the circle).

Clients come to coaching thinking it was primarily a tool for accomplishing external goals. Yet the work I've done with my clients turned out to be primarily internal. Coaching has been as helpful in finding contentment and inner paces to my clients.

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