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Our Programs
Co-Active Coaching Co-Active Coaching
Invisible vs Visible Invisible vs Visible
Magic Happens Magic Happens
Parent and Child Coaching Parent and Child Coaching
Power of Purpose Power of Purpose
Self Directed Teams Self Directed Teams
Youth Leadership Training Youth Leadership Training

Magic Happens ™ is an experiential learning company committed to creating visionary workplaces that feed peoples' souls.

We hold that visionary workplaces are awake and aware of the consequences of their choices and actions. Visionary workplaces function from the highest integrity, creating cultures of safety and respect that nurture and grow their employees, the people they serve and their communities, facilitating a perspective that abundance and prosperity can be held for all of the company stakeholders conjointly with ethical principles.

Magic Happens ™ believes that learning, and practicing core emotional competencies can reduce stress related disorders; and that from a place of self-awareness, self-responsibility, understanding others, and co-creating relationships, we empower others and ourselves to work cooperatively and collaboratively to bring forth a common vision.

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