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Co-Active Coaching Co-Active Coaching
Invisible vs Visible Invisible vs Visible
Magic Happens Magic Happens
Parent and Child Coaching Parent and Child Coaching
Power of Purpose Power of Purpose
Self Directed Teams Self Directed Teams
Youth Leadership Training Youth Leadership Training

Do you feel unsettled in your life?
Do you want to have more meaning in your life?
Are you unsure about what's next for you?
Do you want improve to your life-quality and take control of your life?

We all want to have meaning in our lives and a sense of purpose. In the Power of Purpose workshop we take you through a series of exercises that help you:

 Identify what's important to you
 Discover what creates meaning in your life and what success means to you
 Decide where in your life you want to make changes
 Set goals for improving your life quality
 Decide how you will go about making changes and what you need to
    have in place to make them stick

Workshop Details Power Purpose Workshop Details

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